This class is designed to teach you more about the history of Kingdom, what we stand for, the benefits of being a member and all of the ministries that you can serve in. Our New Members Class meetings are every last Sunday of the month at 11:30AM in the Fellowship Hall. We are excited to welcome you to the Kingdom Family and know that you are loved and have a place to call home. 


What is Discipleship? The word means "to learn". It is the word used for those that have decided to follow the teachings of Jesus and His commandments. It is also where we get the word discipline; not in punishment, but in authority and power to be and live as God has designed in accordance with His word. Join the Discipleship Class on every 1st and 2nd Wednesday, at 7PM in the Fellowship Hall with Ministers Tim and Angie McHatten. This class is for 18 and up and to sign-up, text "DCLASS" to 940-00.


Many people love to give to God and as they do, they want to feel confident in the organization through which they give.  At Kingdom Church, we want people to understand they are giving to God through the church, not to the church.  As we openly share the honesty, integrity, and spiritual values that guide the financial and gift-giving practices of Kingdom Church, we believe people can focus on what God is calling them to give and trust that He is leading our church to steward it well.

At Kingdom, we practice tithing for the support of Christ’s body, the church, as God commands.  We recognize that giving 10% of our income is the Biblical standard for giving.

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